Cardiovascular Care Program (BP/ DYSLIPIDAEMIA)


Plan A

Plan B


3 months

3 months

Chat Support



Lifestyle Coach Consultation (per month)



Comorbid Support (Dyslipidemia, PCOD, Thyroid)



Consultation Duration

40-45 minutes

40-45 minutes

Healthy Nutrition /Diet Planning

Personalized Plan

Personalized + Maintenance Plan


Expert support in achieving your short term health goals

How to look for the healthiest choices on restaurant menus and how to order for your health needs in restaurants.

Create healthy habits that help in achieving your target lipid and BP values

Use a support session to get personalized advice on the best food to eat while traveling 

Nutrition Coaching – Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

The program is designed around understanding your likes and dislikes and to make sure it is as easy to follow as possible.

The recommended plan is a made after getting your feedback and takes into consideration your current lifestyle, work schedule, family eating patterns etc.

We also provide support via WhatsApp through the consultation period in order to address day-to-day challenges in meeting the goals we set together.

Get Nutrition Coaching for:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Weight management
  • Kidney disease
  • Fatty liver
  • PCOS
  • Thyroid
  • Cancer

Customized Meal Plans

Curated to meet your likes and dislikes, regional diet preferences & food availability around you.

Guaranteed Results

With a compliance rate of >80% we guarantee you would achieve all your short term and long term goals.

Motivation to Stay Physically Active

Regular follow ups to provide solutions on day to day challenges in achieving physical activity goals.

Training Workshops

Disease / Domain Training

Face-to-face or online training on disease pathophysiology and medical nutrition therapy

Soft-skills Training (Healthcare)

Understanding patient behavior, communication skills, body language etc in improving inter-personal skills

Healthcare Products Cost Justification Skills

Understanding on cross selling, up selling and cost justification skills

Corporate Wellness Plans

  • Needs assessment based on employee age profile
  • Full body digital screening (IoT)
  • Group talks by experts
  • Zumba / physio / power yoga
  • Individual consultations
  • Peer to peer / social groups
  • Identify lifestyle activists within the organizations
  • Rewards and recognitions
  • Friends and family inclusion

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